Rhinoplasty Before And After

Rhinoplasty Before And After: The First Steps

This Rhinoplasty before and after website is here to answer a very big question currently facing you now. Should you, or should you not take medical assistance to change how your nose currently looks? Some people barely take much notice of the nose they were born with. However there are a significant number of people who not only are unhappy with either the shape, size or contour of their nose, but are actually prepared to take action to change it.

Unless you are a supermodel or Hollywood star having Rhinoplasty surgery is unlikely to make a huge difference to you becoming famous or making a fortune! However, you may feel that it could have a very positive effect on your confidence and self esteem, and in the positive way in which you and others may view yourself.

rhinoplasty before and after - Katalina

You are not alone. A great number of people have undertaken Rhinoplasty throughout history. You may be surprised to learn in fact that reconstructive nose surgery (or a “nose job”) was first discussed in a medical compendium in ancient India over 2,500 years ago!

Medical expertise, safety and effective procedure have naturally developed dramatically throughout history, and in modern times the right surgery techniques can be quick and very effective.

If you are someone who is looking for advice on the best possible course of Rhinoplasty before and after action to then it is vital that you keep on reading…

 It is also very important that you can see real Rhinoplasty before and after pictures of real people so you have visual proof of what you can realistically expect to achieve if you consider reconstructive nose surgery.

Rhinoplasty Before And After: Research Is So Important!

The key to success in many areas of life is often based on doing the correct background research prior to making a commitment. For example would you marry someone without first getting to really know what they were like, what their background was and how compatible they were to your personality?! If you are looking for the very best surgeon to suit your requirements, then this is no time to be shy. You need to know what you are getting, and you don’t want to wake up the morning after at all regretful!

It is very important for you to understand that there is a difference in quality in the medical staff that will carry out Rhinoplasty before and after the actual surgery itself. Just because a doctor has a winning smile and a slick manner does not necessarily mean that they are amongst the best in their field. Are all teachers exactly the same in terms of how good they are? Of course not. It’s the same with doctors and surgeons and you owe it to yourself to get the best help you can.

rhinoplasty before and after - Roberto

If a doctor or surgeon is unhappy or hostile to you asking about the qualities they bring to any Rhinoplasty before and after procedure then you should proceed with extreme caution. On the other hand most top surgeons should be very happy to give you the facts and figures on just how successful they have been previously, and the pride they take to making a difference to the lives of their patients.

You are absolutely more than entitled to ask the following questions before you even consider progressing to the surgical stage or handing over any money.

  • How experienced is your surgeon?
  • Where did they study? Can they prove their medical qualifications?
  • How many Rhinoplasty operations have they previously performed?
  • For your particular nose, can they explain exactly, and in detail the full medical procedure that they would undertake?
  • Does the surgeon have either photo’s, or better still computer software than can give you an accurate projection of the Rhinoplasty before and after results?
  • What percentage of their Rhinoplasty operations have resulted in “perfect” results?
  • What percentage of their Rhinoplasty operations have resulted in the need for further reconstructive surgery (i.e. a second operation)?
  • What has been the patient complaints record (if any) against the doctor carrying out the procedure?
  • Does the surgeon have a list of previous clients that you can contact to discuss their own experience of the service they experienced?

Once you have received all of this information, then ask the same questions from at least two other surgeons (from different practices) and then compare results.

It is also very important to compare the full cost of the surgery from each of the doctors that you speak to – remember that the cost for the exact same Rhinoplasty before and after treatment can differ considerably.

Rhinoplasty Before And After: The Surgery

Although “Nose Jobs” have become quite commonplace, it is still important to understand that this is still a real medical procedure that will require anaesthetic, surgery and recovery. It is very important that you are absolutely truthful about your previous medical history – to do otherwise will only put your health at unnecessary risk. Previous surgical history, blood pressure, allergies, breathing issues, diabetes, smoking, family and genetic history are all vital to a doctor making ensuring that any operation is a safe as possible.

There will be a list of medical products (i.e. aspirin) that you are likely to need to avoid prior to surgery, and if you currently smoke then the surgery itself (and recovery) will certainly be assisted by you giving up (even if it is just for a short time before after surgery).

Some types of Rhinoplasty require more surgery than others. You surgeon should tell you exactly what is going to happen to the bone, skin, cartilage etc within your nose and how it should take to fully recover.

Make sure that you plan in advance and have a friend or partner who will help you throughout the Rhinoplasty before and after surgery. Going home to an empty house in the first few days after the operation is best avoided, and if you could arrange for someone to stay with you then this would be a great help (physically as well as emotionally).

rhinoplasty before and after - Molly

Rhinoplasty Before And After: Looking After Your New Nose!

Make your bedroom (or sitting room) comfortable, get plenty of good books or DVD’s to keep entertained and try to arrange a fridge & freezer full of ready meals and healthy snacks to keep you going for several days.

Recommended nasal sprays, cold ice packs & a hot water bottle will help with any swelling – remember your nose and eye area will feel very tender in the first few days after the operation and it is very important that you fully follow medical advice. Don’t rush back into your normal routine – you owe it to your nose to ensure that everything is absolutely fine before you get busy again!

Your nose is likely to be fitted with a splint for the first few days, and it is likely that you have “panda eyes” – short term bruising around the eyes. Your nose will have packing on it, but all of this should be removed in your first post-op doctor’s appointment (after 3-7 days usually).

Sleep with your head in a comfortable position and slightly elevated and take it easy!

Rhinoplasty Before And After Results!

After about 2 weeks the swelling and bruising should have reduced considerably and you will be able to see the results of your “new” nose. Very small changes can occur upto 12 months after surgery, but certainly a fortnight after surgery will give you a very good idea of what your nose is going to look like for the future. Take a photo of your nose and you will have your very own Rhinoplasty before and after proof!

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